Eye Care Tips for Children

Eye Care Tips

For your child’s healthy eyes

  • Get an Eye Examination Every Year

    Vision problems are easier to resolve when detected early, especially among children. Make sure to get their eyes tested at least once a year without fail.

  • Inculcate Healthy Habits

    Encourage your child to always read with adequate light and to always maintain a safe viewing distance while watching television or while using computer.

  • Protect Your Child’s Eyes

    Eye injuries are a major cause of vision loss in childhood and safeguarding your child’s vision is the key to prevent such injuries.

  • Look Out For Signs Of Impending Trouble

    Parents need to be attentive for signs of vision problems in kids as they may not be able to convey their discomfort openly. Make sure to observe and monitor your child’s behavior.

  • Encourage Kids To Play Outdoors

    There is a correlation between a reduction in the risk of near – sightedness and exposure to sunlight. Hence it’s important to encourage your children to play outdoors.

  • Restrict Screen Time

    Perhaps the best thing that you can do to protect your child’s eyes would be to allow less exposure to electronic devices like mobile phones & television.

  • Ensure A Healthy And Balanced Diet

    Nutritional deficiencies during childhood can lead to the onset of visual damage, which can often be irreversible. Make sure to feed them the right things in the right quantity right since childhood.

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